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I have two dogs as pets and the CC&Rs of my association allow only one. Is there anything I can do short of moving?

Your alternatives are to move or give up one of your pets. The lesson is clear. Read the governing documents before you purchase a home within an association. Top


Someone just moved into our condominium association in Cerritos, with a large pitbull dog. It hasn't attacked anyone, but it is very aggressive and nearly everyone is concerned about it. Our CC&Rs are silent on the subject except for permitting members to own up to two domestic animals. What should we do?

It would have been easier to prevent this problem by amending your CC&Rs before the pitbull was brought onto the property. Attempting to deal with the problem after the fact is much more difficult, but not impossible. The dog may constitute a nuisance which is probably a violation of your CC&Rs. More facts are needed to adequately answer your question. The lesson is clear, however: It is far better to address these types of issues with a CC&R amendment before the anticipated problem becomes a real problem.

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